Prejudiced world


Chapters Covered: Job 8:1 – 10:22

“If I am guilty–woe to me! Even if I am innocent, I cannot lift my head, for I am full of shame and drowned in my affliction.” – Job 10:15

After Eliphaz, it was Bildad’s turn to rebuke Job, and he did this with firm conviction that Job had offended and sinned against God. As written in the early chapters, we know that this assumption is false. Unlike Eliphaz who tried to be as gentle and comforting as he could in speaking his mind, Bildad just attacked Job with harsh words, without bothering to check if his accusations were indeed true. While his arguments might be considered valid, if his assumption regarding Job’s way of living was false, they still won’t be the right words to say.

Today, we are living in a prejudiced world, and it is actually heartbreaking when these invalid assumptions come from the minds and mouths of our Christian friends. Some are just too quick to tag other fellow believers as “sinners” or “hypocrites” without really bothering to know the whole story. It is important to remember that the Lord deals with each of us individually and uniquely. One experience is different from another and so we should be very careful when giving open rebukes. Otherwise, we’d push the person farther from God instead of helping him/her draw nearer.

When an opportunity to give an advice to a troubled or depressed person arises, the best thing to do is to pray for the right things to say. Ask God for wisdom, and pray that He may use you as an instrument to bring that person closer to Him.


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