A book with magic: Apprentice (The Black Mage #2)

apprenticeGoodreads introduced me last year to Ms. Rachel E. Carter, and I absolutely did not regret reading her first book–The Black Mage: First Year.  I loved it! The book was hard to put down, and I found the author’s approach in learning magic fresh and unique. I fell in love with the main characters, too much that I cried in some of the emotional parts.

I’m really happy that I did not need to wait too long for the second book–The Black Mage: Apprentice–to come out.

The Story: 

The second installment of the series covers Ryiah’s action-packed and very emotional four years as an Apprentice, where she realizes that no matter how hard you try to focus on achieving your goals, you can’t keep your heart from getting in the way. In these four years she learns how to gain control of her power as she comes face to face with life-threatening experiences, falls in and out of love, and discovers the art of letting go. And no matter how brutal those years are, in the end she gets what she’s always wanted–the black robe of Combat and a betrothal.

My Rating: 4 please-give-this-entire-series-a-happy-ending stars

Highly recommended!

Would have given it a 5, but Darren and Ryiah kept changing their minds!!! (Yes, I was really frustrated.) But I’m really happy with how it ended. Totally did not expect that bold gesture from Darren. It was very brilliant of him to arrive at a win-win solution to his dilemma. Now I’m wondering what would happen to those two in the next books. A lot could happen in two books! Guess I need to prepare to be frustrated again.

Will Derrick die? Please don’t kill Derrick, he’s so adorable.

I’m expecting more action and surprises in the next two installments.

My Takeaway: 

Ryiah and Darren are both considered powerful because they can pain cast, which for me makes sense because I believe that pain makes us stronger. The deeper your pain, the stronger and wiser you become. It makes you invincible.

My favorite quotes: 

“I was done with misery. I would not let my learning be squandered by a broken heart.”

“Romance only slows you down.”

“Pain is how we build strength.”

“Each one of us is a hero. The irony, of course, is that most will never receive the title.”


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