A book with a color in the title: Red Queen

I boughtred queen this book by the lovely Victoria Aveyard impulsively from the bookstore because it has an amazing cover art, an arresting summary, and wonderful reviews from the Fantasy YA community. I am drawn to books of this kind because my main purpose for reading is to escape to another world. (Yes, it seems that I’ve been escaping a lot lately).

The Story:

Mare Barrow’s world is divided into two colors–Red and Silver–the colors of their people’s blood. Red is for the commoners with nothing special about them, like her. Silver is for the Royals, the High Borns, and those with special abilities that the Reds can only dream of having. In one twist of fate Mare discovers that though her blood is red, she can do something that they believed only Silvers can. She is a miracle, a Red and a Silver, and a threat. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that power comes with a price, and that anyone can betray anyone.

My Rating: 3 I-know-it-will-get-better stars

So… there’s a love triangle, and I like both guys but kind of hate the girl. Yes, Mare is strong and brave, but she tends to make selfish decisions. I didn’t like how he used both Cal and Maven to get what she wanted. Well both guys did their own kind of betrayal in the end so double slap for Mare there. I know that it’s because she’s only beginning to learn the game that it seemed that Mare was just playing around the whole time. But I know, I’m positive that she will grow into a great heroine in the next two books.

I loved Cal’s character, and I’m hoping that what happened to him won’t change him. I know that’s impossible though. We can only be kind and compassionate and just for so long.

Maven… despite what he did, I don’t hate him. I actually think that there’s more to him that he’s not revealing to Cal and Mare, and even his mother. I’m betting that at some point he will redeem himself.

Kilorn… I think you’re the right one for Mare.

Will see how the sequels play out.

My Favorite Quotes:

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

“Words can lie. See beyond them.”

“If you know someone’s fear, you know them.”

“He knows I’m sinking fast, a stone dropping through the river. And he wants to drown with me.”


2 thoughts on “A book with a color in the title: Red Queen

  1. moosha23 says:

    It sounds like a good story and it has definitely been getting quite a lot of hype – but I still have my qualms about this one. 🙂


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