A YA BESTSELLER: The Rose Society

rose society

The first book ticked off from my 2016 reading challenge (yes, last year’s failure won’t stop me from challenging myself again) is the latest YA Bestseller by Marie Lu (she’s one of the best!)–“The Rose Society.”

This book is the much-anticipated sequel to “The Young Elites,” which I grabbed from the bookstore (yes I paid for it!) right after finishing her very beautiful and unforgettable LEGEND Trilogy (you should really read this if you haven’t, especially if you’re into YA).

The Story:

After the death of her beloved and the Dagger Society’s betrayal, Adelina Amouterou resolved to find other Young Elites and form her own army of allies to help her exact her revenge against the Daggers, the Inquisition Army, and the throne with the help of her sister, Violetta. Known as the White Wolf, Adelina has the power to weave powerful illusions to cause pain, terror, and death to anyone who wishes to stop her from ploys. But great power comes with a price, and Adelina slowly finds herself being consumed by the darkness inside of her.

My Rating: 4 i-need-light-on-this-story-please stars

Yes, I know the author intended this to be a very dark story, but I hope the last book will not leave me staring into space with a heavy feeling in my heart, as this one did. I love Adelina, but I hope she finds it in her heart to give it all up. I don’t want her to end up all alone. She’s suffered to much for her story to end like that. And Magiano–he’s my only joy in this story. I hope to read more of him in the third book. And I hope he doesn’t die. Because everyone in this book does.

So, I don’t know if this short review made you want to grab the book or not, but what I can assure you is that this is a very engaging read, that would haunt you even after you’re done reading.

My favorite quotes: 

“The irony of life is that those who wear masks often tell us more truths than those with open faces.”

“Sometimes, love can bloom like the tiny flower hidden in the tree’s shadow, found only by those who know where to look.”

“You are living in a world of illusions, of your own creation. You are in love with something that no longer exists.”


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