Uprooted-Naomi-NovikOne.of.the.best.fantasy.stories.ever. Naomi Novik‘s “Uprooted” was way way more than I expected. I thought it’s just another Beauty and the Beast retelling (well I haven’t really read one to be honest, but I’ve seen how they turn fairy tales into movies nowadays, so I thought this would be just like one of those, and by the way, nothing against Beauty and the Beast, it’s my favorite that’s why I chose this story), but this is a tale that is worth its own recognition.

The Story:

Agnieszka (pronounced as “ag-NYESH-kah”) was a simple girl from Dvernik, a village protected by a Dragon from the place that everyone was afraid of–a corrupted place called the Wood. But the Dragon’s protection came with a price: every ten years, he would choose a young woman from Dvernik to live with him in his tower and serve him. And so Agnieszka feared for her best friend, Kasia, for everyone in their village knew that the Dragon would choose her. Why wouldn’t he? Kasia was the most beautiful young woman in their village.

But to everyone’s surprise, the Dragon did not choose Kasia.

My Rating:

5 I-wish-I-can-pluck-all-the-stars-in-the-sky-and-give-them-to-this-book stars!

And no, I am not exaggerating. “Uprooted” was everything I wanted in a story, and more. It was able to enchant me from the first chapter to the last. I honestly could not stop reading. The mystery behind the Wood was gripping, and the development between Agnieszka and the Dragon was so exciting to read. Yes, just to spoil you a little, this is a love story 😉 And I really wish I can tell you more about it, but I think you have to read it for yourself.

Packed with lessons you won’t easily forget, I highly recommend this book for my fellow fantasy lovers. You won’t be disappointed.


My favorite quotes:  

“She’d remembered the wrong things, and forgotten too much. She’d remembered how to kill and how to hate, and she’d forgotten how to grow.”

“I don’t want more sense! Not if sense means I’ll stop loving anyone. What is there besides people that’s worth holding on to?”

“He loved his magic, and he would have shared that love with me.”

“It was a slow and dreadful death, if the corruption wasn’t purged. The Wood consuming you like rot eating away at a fallen tree, hollowing you out from the inside, leaving only a monstrous thing full of poison, which cared for nothing but to spread that poison onward.”



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