Recapture the Wonder

recapture the wonder

For the category “A book with a blue cover” in my 2016 reading challenge, I chose Recapture the Wonder by one of my favorite Christian authors–Ravi Zacharias. I have always loved how Ravi is able to connect with the senses everytime he writes, and this book is one of those that make you see everything in a different light after reading. Rather than detaching you from the world, as some books would do, Recapture the Wonder connects you to it, and in turn making you appreciate its Creator.

As I’ve done with Don’t Waste Your Life, below are my favorite quotes from each chapter, followed by my thoughts:


1. We Miss It, but What Is It?

Wonder is that possession of the mind that enchants the emotions while never surrendering reason. It is a grasp on reality that does not need constant high points in order to be maintained, nor is it made vulnerable by the low points of life’s struggle… Wonder knows how to read the shadows because it knows the nature of light. Wonder knows that while you cannot look at the light you cannot look at anything else without it… It is a journey like a walk through the woods, over the usual obstacles and around the common distractions, while the voice of direction leads, saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it” (Isaiah 30:21 KJV).

How I wish my life would consist only of high points all time, but that would never happen. There will always be highs and lows. This is why maintaining a sense of Wonder in every situation, the good or the bad, is really challenging. But how can we successfully “read the shadows?” How will we be able to confidently say that we trust God, even in the dark?

2. The Rules of the Game

God’s commands are there to protect what life is truly about, not the other way around.

As G.K. Chesterton said, “before you remove any fence, always first ask why it was put there in the first place.” To develop a sense of wonder even when we are struggling, we must understand that life is meant to be lived God’s way. The rules He set are for our own protection, and our ultimate gain. We may not understand everything now, but God always sees the bigger picture.

3. Passionate Pursuit, Misdirected Search

There are some bitter long-term disappointments in short-term indulgence.

Pursuit of the wrong things always leads to bitterness. Tried and tested. But the good news is, you can always bounce back. His grace will always be sufficient.

4. Wonder Unwrapped

At the cross Jesus gave the final and ultimate gift of unmerited favor… If this were not sufficient, nothing would be.

Because, really, what more could you ask? We can never out-give the Lord. And we must never think that anything or anyone can replace this kind of Love.

5. Wonder Consummated

There is no such thing as free love; love is the most costly expression in the world. But the wonderful thing is that it has already been paid for.

They say you can’t buy love… but it you think about it, loving always has a price, right? And Jesus paid with His life. Greater love has no one than this (John 15:13).

6. Forward to the Past

God is like the light. Wonder is like the shadow. If you chase the shadow you will never catch up to it. It might even disappear. If you walk toward the light, the shadow will always pursue you. That is when the heart sings with gladness. 

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me

all the days, all the days of my life.


Stop chasing shadows. Set you eyes toward the light, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at the start. Because when you focus on the light, you will see this same light in everything else as well.


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