The Rope and the Pit of Lions

It will always come to a point where your hope will be tested, that no matter how well you try to dress it with positivity, it will always, always find an excuse to be weak. Because that’s easier. Yes, it is way easier to just let go of the rope than hang on, especially when your hands start to burn and splinter. 

“No one expects me to be strong in this kind of situation,” your shaky hope will say, and then you’ll find, without much struggle, your whole being agreeing to it.

“I have every right to let go,” again, your shaky hope will reason, and before you know it, you will completely lose grip of the rope that’s supposed ro be keeping you steady. 

And you fall…

In a pit of desolation. You’ll find out that it’s okay to be alone sometimes… but only until it becomes too dark. And from the shadows of the pit you’re in, you’ll hear them. 

The silent taunting and growling. The sly shuffling of feet as they move towards you. 


With their eyes glinting in the darkness, all hungry and pleased to see you. And that flickering hope you have will tell you that this is the end. There’s no escape. This is your home now. Here with the lions. 

And so as they step closer and closer, you’ll let them take you. “This is the end,” you’ll say. “I’ve let go and this is the way.”

Yes, dear hope, we can end the story here. But do you really want to?


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